Automated analysis of Sleep and Vigilance

Physip proposes a comprehensive portfolio of technologies for the automated analysis of sleep and vigilance based on the electroencephalogram (EEG) for industrial applications.

Our solutions for the analysis of EEG:

  • MEEGAWAKE® – Vigilance
    • Evaluation of drowsiness
  • MEEGAFIT® – Vigilance
    • Evaluation of sleep pressure
  • ASEEGA® – Sleep
    • Automatic sleep staging: real-time and offline

Method and Expertise

To support R&D project involving EEG, Physip offers unique methodology and expertise:

  • Qualification of EEG devices (amplifiers, sensors)
  • Qualification of study conditions
  • Study protocol
  • Study monitoring

We aim at securing studies involving EEG, at producing reliable and clear results. EEG is a rich but fragile signal, which requires a minimum initial investment to obtain clear data and clear results.

Study examples


Is EEG measurement feasible in a complex cockpit environment?


What is the appropriate recording system for the study objectives and environment?


Evaluation study of the automatic sleep scoring algorithm in a pharma context

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ASEEGA® analyse EOG and EMG signals?

No, ASEEGA® analyses EEG signals exclusively. However, for practical purposes, if you have recorded PSG traces, you can send the entire trace and we will perform for you the extraction of the EEG channel, which we will then analyse.

Why use CzPz?

Our approach consists of simplifying the EEG, hence the choice to reduce the number of sensors used. In light of this, and in light of the work pursued by Dr Odile Benoit, CzPz has proven to be the most favourable channel. The analysis was developed and validated using this channel. Using CzPz guarantees that the highest degree of reliability can be achieved for the analysis.

How should I configure my device to ensure that the recorded EEG data can be analysed by ASEEGA® ?

You must find the menu allowing configurations to be performed prior to the recording, and the CzPz channel must be configured to correspond with the criteria. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more information about how to perform this configuration.

What happens if I send traces that do not fulfil these criteria?

Two scenarios: If you have subscribed to the “security” option, then you will not be charged for any non-compliant traces you send us. If you have subscribed to the “independence” option, then you will be charged for all the traces sent, even the non-compliant files that may have escaped your notice.


ASEEGA® has been validated on healthy subjects and patients, young and old, in night sleep and nap conditions. It has been used in studies on patients with various disorders (chronic insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic syndrome, coma, etc.) and on healthy subjects in various sleep exploration situations.

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