An expert analysis service for sleep and wake EEG data

Algorithms and expertise

With our analysis service you will find powerfull tools for the analysis of wake and sleep EEG, and a complete support to help you record quality data and produce quality results.


A support for all steps and aspects of experimental studies, from the design phase to the publications

  • Definition of the study protocol
  • Expertise of the technical quality of the EEF data: sampling frequency, bit depth, noise of the environment, of the recording device
  • Advice on how to fix the sensors in order to improve the technical quality of the data
  • Long-time monitoring of the data quality during the whole duration of the study in order to ensure the continuity and homogeneity of the data
  • Support for extracting and exploiting the analysis results


A suite of preprocessing and analysis modules dedicated to wake and sleep EEG

  • EEG single channel and multi channels analyses
  • Automated sleep staging : ASEEGA algorithm
  • Automated staging of drowsiness : MEEGAWAKE algorithm
  • Automated analysis of Karolinska Drowsiness Tests (KDT)
  • Spectral analysis
  • Spindle detection and analysis
  • Sleep parameters : time in different sleep stages, latencies, cycles…
  • Artifact localization


Other activities
are possible

  • qualification of the recording situation
  • qualification of the recording environment
  • choice of the recording system most adequate to the study constraints


Our algorithms are


They are deterministic and reproducible: 2 iterations of the algorithm on the same recording will yield the exactly identical result


They are fully automated: they provide with an analysis which is objective and bias-free


They have been clinically validated and used in dozens of reference articles published by major international research teams for over 15 years


Results are systematically checked to ensure the quality of the analyses

Power and flexibility

Our analyses open the possibilities of sleep and vigilance analysis.
They provide results which correspond to the current state of knowledge and research on sleep: hypnogram, micro structure, alpha activity analysis…

The power of automated analysis enables the processing of very large volumes of data, currently around 5,000 records/day: sleep has now definitely entered the era of big data.

All our scoring and monitoring algorithms are designed to enable the reduction of the number of sensors: ASEEGA and MEEGAWAKE only need 2 sensors, Cz – Pz preferently or possibly C4 – O2, to produce a scoring of sleep and vigilance. This feature, very demanding for us, offers maximum flexibility for your studies:

Standard PSG data: flexibility of possible configurations

  • single channel: staging + all analyses
  • multi channel: staging (on Cz – Pz or C4 – O2) + all analyses (spectral analysis, sleep microstructures) on part or all of available data
  • no staging but all analyses (spectral analysis, sleep microstructures) on part or all available data

Possible recording on limited montage: Cz – Pz + Ground electrode

  • The hook up time is dramatically reduced
  • Equipment cheaper than PSG systems can be user: polygraphy systems, miniaturized EEG systems
  • Enables out-of-the lab studies, at home, in real-life environment

Some customer references

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the analysis service available to the general public?

The ASEEGA® software is intended for sleep researchers, sleep clinicians and for industrial R&D services, not for general public applications.

Is the ASEEGA® analysis reproducible?

Yes, ASEEGA® is 100% reproducible: A same single trace analysed twice by ASEEGA® will produce exactly the same result.

How should I configure my device to ensure that the recorded EEG data can be analysed by ASEEGA® ?

You must find the menu allowing configurations to be performed prior to the recording, and the CzPz channel must be configured to correspond with the criteria. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more information about how to perform this configuration.

How can I convert my traces to the edf format?

Most of the current polygraphs and polysomnographs provide the option to export recording files in the edf format. Please get in touch with us or with your usual partner if you need help to perform this operation.


ASEEGA® has been validated on healthy subjects and patients, young and old, in night sleep and nap conditions. It has been used in studies on patients with various disorders (chronic insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic syndrome, coma, etc.) and on healthy subjects in various sleep exploration situations.

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