Already 20 years!

2 Nov 2022

This November 2nd, Physip celebrates its 20th anniversary.


We are very proud of this: positioning ourselves between the academic world and industry was a daring gamble. Today, it is a challenge we have taken up.

Perhaps because it was a passion and it hasn’t wavered. In 20 years, we have not stopped exploring new worlds. First of all, because in moving from academic research to the world of entrepreneurship, we have discovered different jobs. We had to learn about bookkeeping, law, marketing, go to trade shows, set up booths, exchange with people from all walks of life… But above all because the applications we work on are as numerous as they are eclectic. We have been working on the analysis of brain activity during drowsiness and sleep phases, but also in the awake state, in a person subjected to numerous cognitive tasks, to physical exhaustion, to repeated untimely awakenings during the night or to night work…. And this has already led to the development of several algorithms:

the ASEEGA® automatic sleep analysis and scoring algorithm: it’s all us!
the automatic sleep pressure measurement algorithm MEEGAFIT® : it’s us !
the sleepiness monitoring algorithm MEEGAWAKE® : it’s us !
the LabCom MEEGASAFE® to explore sleepiness with SANPSY, that’s us!
the cognitive load monitoring algorithm MEEGALOAD® from RAPID COGNISIM, that’s us again!


And it’s not over yet. Firstly because other algorithms are being studied and secondly because it is now time to take the EEG out of the lab!

We are sure that these algos will give birth to sleep pathology diagnostic aids for doctors, to alertness analysis systems for airplane pilots, to systems for assessing the effect of a drug on alertness or sleep quality. They will also help designers of complex automated systems to choose functions and designs that will not impact the driver’s alertness or lower his cognitive load. These are the new challenges that await us:

To obtain the CE mark for ASEEGA® to enter the clinical and pharmaceutical markets,
Improve ASEEGA® to adapt it to all types of pathological situations such as epilepsy,
Better understand coma,
Embedding our technologies to aid in the design of systems in the field of transportation and defense,
… and others that it is still too early to talk about.


But we could not believe it or talk about it today without all of you who have helped and supported us on this sometimes winding and even chaotic path… So here is the moment to say :

• Thank you to you, academic partners, and in particular thank you to the Inserm COPHY team, to the Cyclotron of Liège, to the SANPSY laboratory of Bordeaux, to the sleep center of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon, to the UPK of Basel, to the centers of functional explorations of the CHU Antoine-Béclère and Henri-Mondor (AP-HP), Pierre-Wertheimer (HCL)…
• Thanks to all of you Brain Products, Medical Design, Agueris… and our other partners, for your presence at our side,
• Thank you to you, industrial and academic clients -Forvia, Airbus, Thales, MBDA, Biotrial,… we can’t name them all- for your trust,
Thank you to you, consultants, whether you are lawyers, accountants, in quality or marketing, for your skills and support,
• Thanks to you, investors, for your support,
• Thank you to the Defense Innovation Agency (AID) of the French MOD, present at our side since 2006, and to the Ministry of Research whose support goes back to the very first day since Physip was the winner of the former national competition for the creation of innovative companies (current i-Lab innovation competition) in 2002,
• Thanks, finally, to the Telecom ParisTech incubator, which saw us being born when it was setting up itself. We will never forget our beginnings in a student residence, with the kitchen as a meeting room but also as a reception room for our first clients!  


Thank you… and see you in 2027 for our 25th anniversary!

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