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Our analysis service proposes power tools for the analysis of sleep and wake EEG, and a complete support to help you produce quality data and quality results


We developed the autostaging and analysis algorithm ASEEGA®


We propose a portfolio of tools for the automated analysis of sleep and vigilance


Physip designs, develops and commercializes innovative software solutions, all based on a common approach – entirely automated, using EEG only, and only 2 EEG sensors: sleep analysis, drowsiness analysis, monitoring of the risk of impaired performances. We develop innovative and flexible tools for a precise, objective and reliable analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physip?

Physip is a French company located in Paris, in the 11th arrondissement, that has developed innovative methods for analysing sleeping and waking brain activity using electroencephalography. We offer these methods to doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies to optimise their sleeping and waking analysis data.

Does ASEEGA® analyse EOG and EMG signals?

No, ASEEGA® analyses EEG signals exclusively. However, for practical purposes, if you have recorded PSG traces, you can send the entire trace and we will perform for you the extraction of the EEG channel, which we will then analyse.

How can I convert my traces to the edf format?

Most of the current polygraphs and polysomnographs provide the option to export recording files in the edf format. Please get in touch with us or with your usual partner if you need help to perform this operation.

How to use the Essentiel analysis report?

The analysis report is presented in the form of an Excel file, consisting of 2 tabs. The first presents an overview of the night and of the sleep parameters, and the second presents the list of waking periods to be excluded from the polygraph trace. Please be sure to print both tabs.

How reliable is the ASEEGA® automatic analysis?

We have a database of more than 500 night PSG recordings that allow us to continuously control the rigour and reliability of our work. The ASEEGA® validations have been the subject of publications in major journals. Large international research teams have put their trust in the performance of ASEEGA®.

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Already 20 years!

This November 2nd, Physip celebrates its 20th anniversary.   We are very proud of this: positioning ourselves between the academic world and industry was a daring gamble. Today, it is a challenge we have taken up. Perhaps because it was a passion and it...

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